Valier Schools

Valier Stone School

Valier High School 1965From its earliest days, Valier and the residents of the area surrounding Lake Frances have always placed education of their children at the highest priority. The first Valier School was built in 1911. That building is still in existence though it has undergone a major metamorphosis, being converted to a bed and breakfast.

PanthersThe new High School was built in 1965 and has undergone several additions and improvements throughout the years. With an enrollment in 1999-2000 of 95 students, the ratio of students to teachers means that each student can get the time and attention that a premium education demands.

Activities at the High School include many different sports (boys and girls basketball, boys and girls track, boys and girls golf, girls volleyball and cross country, as well as boys wrestling and football). Other activities for the young people include student government, FHA, MTI, VICA and of course Band, Choir and Jazz Band.

Elementary Annex The Valier Elementary School, built at about the same time as the new High School, has just recently been undergoing some major changes, In addition to a general face lift and upgrading, the school has just added a new and larger library, computer lab, reading lab, teachers lounge and conference room. The school now houses 140 students (kindergarten through 8th grade). Elementary Playground

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